Launching the Propertarian Forum

On November 3rd, 2014, I, Butch Leghorn, created the WordPress blog for the Propertarian Forum. This blog is an attempt to understand Propertarianism as espoused by Curt Doolittle, to analyze this body of work, and to study the faction that is growing around Doolittle and Propertarianism. Doolittle’s approach is far-reaching and scientific. Understanding this work is very difficult due to its breadth and depth, requiring large amounts of background study.  The Forum is intended to be a centralized repository for study and analysis of Propertarianism, and is an attempt to create a meta analysis, to digest the provided information. It is intended as an open forum for those who are interested in Propertarianism and wish to discuss, criticize or contribute to the analysis of it.

As an open forum, readers are encouraged to contribute and interact. Use the Contact page if you wish to contribute to the project.

An opening salvo of analysis has begun on the Start Here page.


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