Neoreaction notices Propertarianism

Nick Land is the author of the Dark Enlightenment series of posts which were a seminal moment in the formation of Neoreaction. In the posts, Land boils down Moldbug into a more digestible morsel. This is perhaps Land’s greatest ability: synthesizing vast sources of information into the Neoreactionary consensus. His site is an array of breadcrumbs, packages of data synthesized into information and tied up with a bow and left along the road for Neoreaction to follow. He regularly provides ‘Chaos Patch’ updates, which are collections of links that point in the direction that the reactosphere is heading, with an ‘open thread’ forum for discussion of the meaning.

Propertarianism received this week to be what I believe is its first direct link from Nick Land, provided in Chaos Patch (#40).

Some reactosphere highlights: Questioning secession, basedness and other values, racial double-binds, doomed boomers, a call to order, warfare in the progressive-style, Dugin on IR, deconstruction in the mosh-pit. Why capitalism really sucks (a response, in part, to this lamentable development?) — highly related. Propertarianism versus NRx (hard to distinguish from a tech-comm ‘correction’ of NRx). Bonfire of the sanities. The return of Satan (see also these). Thoughts on torture. Narrative games (link mania). “This ends the third cycle …” Fragmentation continues. Megameta.

Propertarianism has appeared in comments sections on Xenosystems before, but I don’t believe it has been directly linked by Land. Of course, this is because Doolittle’s post directly references Neoreaction, as it highlights some of the differences between Neoreaction and Propertarianism. Land labels Propertarianism a correction of NRx from the techno-commercialist faction.

I make this post, because I expect to see more Propertarian ideas being discussed in Neoreactionary circles, there is simply too much overlap between the systems for NRx to not begin to assess the fruits of Propertarianism. I believe that the current problem is that as Nick Land is to Mencius Moldbug, there is no current figure who holds that same relation to Curt Doolittle.

Still, it appears that Neoreaction may have taken notice of Propertarianism. If Propertarianism is a correction to NRX, it would be wise for NRx to study this correction.


4 thoughts on “Neoreaction notices Propertarianism

  1. Thanks for the post. Nice work. I hadn’t seen Nick’s comment yet.

    I think Moldbug presented a successful rationalist criticism but an unsuccessful institutional solution – so I agree with Nick that Propertarianism might be seen as a correction of NRx, – Although honestly I wasn’t really ever involved in the NRx paradigm, since I came up under Hoppe and we sort of looked down on non-economic arguments so to speak. I didn’t really come to appreciate the Cathedral argument until I’d caught up to Mencius and run into the problem of explaining the incentives involved, and techniques involved, in teaching us to lie instead of tell the truth. At that point I adopted his positions in that regard entirely – which most people see.

    But in the sense that I may have corrected the institutional solution I am fairly certain that I have – although I have held back on discussing it until the rest of the work is done – it’s too easy to attract criticism before the foundation is laid. But in the past few months I’ve started letting a bit out here and there.

    In the sense that I’ve created the (historically required, apparently) complete philosophical framework and reconstructed the Hegelian theory of western philosophy under the simple principle of truth-telling, (and that competing groups use different concepts of truth as their group evolutionary strategies as well) is probably the most interesting innovation I’ve come up with.

    Thanks again for the help. Appreciative as always. Now back to digging in the philosophical trenches…


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