Propertarian Podcast #002

August 25, 2016

Topic: Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech, Reno Nevada

With Eli Harman @MartianHoplite


The Twitter hashtag #AltRightMeans

Vox Day article An actual Alt Right take

Wall Street Journal article ‘Alt-Right’ Enters the Political Limelight


Production Notes

Skype call recorded with TotalRecorder Pro Edition 8.6.6040 and Blackout Edition Yeti Mic by Blue on Windows 10

Windows Sound Settings
> Playback
– Sound Blaster Recon3D1 enabled (default communications device)(physically turn down volume knob on desktop speakers while recording)
– Yeti enabled (default device)
> Recording
– Enabled: Microphone Sound Blaster Recon3Di (default device)
– Enabled: Microphone Yeti (default communications device)(selected in Skype and Total Recorder below)
– Ready: What U Hear (Sound Blaster Recon 3Di)
– Disabled: Microphone Array Sound Blaster Recon 3Di

Skype Settings
Call > Audio Settings
– Mic: Yeti > Volume: Max (auto checkbox = off)
– Speakers: Yeti > Volume 90% (this controls the level of the caller)(auto checkbox = off)

Total Recorder PE Settings
– Level +3dB (141%) (upped this level to get some peaks into yellow)
– Recording wizard
> Internet Telephony
— Playback: Speakers (Yeti)(headphones plugged into Yeti jack)
— Recording Device: Mic (Yeti)
— Record in different channels = No
> Recording Format
— MP3
— Middle Quality (CBR 56kBit/s, 22 050 Hz, stereo) (2hrs 5mins = 51MB)
> Pause Reduction and Split Settins
— Pause Reduction = No
— Auto-File Creation = No (I think this should be Yes in the future. With No, I was forced to stop and save periodically. I think this setting should allow me to hit stop and the file will already be saved. This seems safer in case of computer or application crash).

Yeti Settings
– Headphone Volume = 50%
– Pattern = Cardioid (#3, looks like a butt)
– Gain = 9:30 to 10 o’clock (approx 30%)

Post Production Notes

Use Mike Cernovich’s podcast improvement tips (But now skip Treble and Bass boost)

How to edit your podcast in Audacity

I’ve edited podcasts for hours and had everything spliced together. It does not increase listens. I now spend 10 minutes editing podcasts to improve sound quality.

Noise Removal: Don’t talk for first five second of podcast to create a noise profile. Select those 5 seconds. Get noise profile. Then remove noise. Be sure to cut out those first five seconds of your podcast.

From there, apply these simple fixes to improve your podcast audio quality in Audacity.

  • Normalize | -1 Decibel
  • Compression | Threshold -15 to -20
  • Equalization: Do a treble boost, then do a bass boost.
  • Normalize | -1 Decibel
  • Hard Limit | -4 Decibel
  • Normalize | -1 Decibel
  • Export to mp3

My Steps

Back up raw podcast to separate file with ‘RAW_ORIGINAL’ label. Then edit the other file. Do not touch raw original, save it in case it is needed later or we screw up in post production.

Open a clean Audacity window and drop in the MP3. File > Save Project As… To safe file to disk. Added music bumpers by creating new tracks and copy/pasting from first episode Audacity file.

Noise Reduction
– select (click and drag in timeline) a quiet section (second or two)
(next time follow Mike’s advice and leave 5 seconds blank at beginning of podcast to get a better sound profile)
– Effect > Noise reduction > Step 1 > Click [Get Noise Profile] then close dialog
– select entire podcast (ctrl+a)
– Effect > Noise reduction >
— Noise reduction: 12 dB
— Sensitivity: 6.00
— Frequency smoothing: 0
— Noise: reduce
— Click [OK] to process, took about a minute

Normalize #1 (entire file still selected)
– Effect > Normalize
— Checked: Remove DC Offset
— Checked: Normalize Max Amplitude = -1.0 dB
— Unchecked: Normalize Stereo
— [OK]

Compressor (entire file still selected)
– Effect > Compressor
— Threshold: -17 dB
— Noise floor: -40 dB
— Ratio = 2:1
— Attack time: 0.2 sec
— Release time: 1.0 secs
— Checked: make up gain
— Unchecked: Compress based on peaks
— [OK]


Normalize #2 (entire file still selected)
– Effect > Normalize
— Checked: Remove DC Offset
— Checked: Normalize Max Amplitude = -1.0 dB
— Unchecked: Normalize Stereo
— [OK]

Hard Limit (entire file still selected)
– Effect > Limiter
–> Type: Hard Limit (0,0,-4,10)
— Input Gain (mono/left): 0
— Input Gain (right): 0
— Limit to dB: -4
— Hold to ms: 10
— Apply Make-up Gain = false/No
— [OK]

Normalize #3 (entire file still selected)
– Effect > Normalize
— Checked: Remove DC Offset
— Checked: Normalize Max Amplitude = -1.0 dB
— Unchecked: Normalize Stereo
— [OK]

Last I ran an Amplify at -.6, to reduce the levels because the above filters were causing the peaks all in the red. Maybe this was not a good idea, maybe they were perfect. Will have to listen and determine.

Basic Post Production is now done. I decided to do zero edits for pops, etc. I just don’t think it’s a big deal. We’ll see if I get any feedback in that regard.




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