Propertarian Podcast #006 Malincentives of Democracy

Curt Doolittle and Eli Harman discuss the malincentives of Democracy, why Cthulhu always swims left, and what we can do about it.



Propertarian Podcast #004 Propertarian Concepts

Recorded August 31, 2016 with Butch Leghorn and Eli Harman

Overview of Propertarian Concepts and Discussion




Curt’s Most Accessible Video Yet

This video is Curt’s most accessible video yet. It’s very exciting to see these new, conversational videos. I understand: the scope of Curt’s work is so large, encompassing all of our science, that it is very difficult to comprehend, even for smart people. I think a couple of listens through this video will pay massive dividends and help us to spread this new rational, scientific language through which we can defend Western Civilization.