Spectrum: Self-Ownership


A key component of Propertarian insight is the idea of continua or spectra of phenomena, which is also related to equilibria. Natural phenomena can often be analyzed along spectra and seen to shift between equilibria. When discussing a phenomenon, the ability to identify a spectrum to which the phenomenon belongs allows for both categorization and identification of limits.


When discussing political philosophy, the terms slavery, freedom, liberty and sovereignty are often used.These particular states can be mapped along a spectrum, where the axis is self-ownership. Sovereignty is of particular importance to Propertarian philosophy because sovereignty appears to be the defining, fundamental value of Western Civilization. This topic is discussed in Propertarian Podcast 009, it is a major topic of my recent TheRightStuff.biz article, and of an upcoming video on my channel. This image was created as part of the content of that video.

The graphic lists only a few examples of many different titles which indicate the level of self-ownership (and all the privileges, rights and responsibilities attendant upon those ranks) of an individual within society: slave, juvenile, villein, tribune, lord, etc.

It should be noted that the notion of sovereignty, of radical self-ownership being displayed in a comparatively widespread distribution among Western men, could be viewed as the defining characteristic of the West.



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