Testimony of Curt’s Work

Curt Doolittle is not always difficult to understand.

He does his very best to distil otherwise very difficult, complicated, complex matters, for didacticism. And so others may possibly read, study, understand, practice, repeat, master, perfect, and use.

He is very charitable, patient, generous with his work. At huge cost to him [ time, energy, resource, reputation ] and to his health [ in times ]. And at minimal to almost no cost to readers, audience, beneficiaries. He is sacrificing a lot, to do this.

And why?

He states it this morning when one abuse him again, albeit needlessly. Primarily because this fellow failed to understand what Curt is saying.

I would try and re-state what Curt said then. So others may understand.

He said that:

There is a clearly distinctive role structure, specialisation, stratification with all men.

That the women bear and rear. Merchants, craftsmen produce. Priests are for advocacy. And the aristocracy, for judgement.

That his focus is on “the other side of the coin”: ARISTOCRACY. And not on the weak, or the ruled.

Ergo he teaches the philosophy of the strong, the best societally, and those at the peak of a given societal structure, sample, group, family, association, corporation, clan, tribe, nation – state, culture, civilisation. Who may have the capacity [ means ], ability, and will to learn, understand, practice, regularise, and enforce it repeatedly, systematically, consistently, effectively, eternally [ domestication, culling of the lower classes. Suppression and elimination of parasitism. Select group transcendence, without cost imposition on others ]

In his work, he is not overly concerned then about the weak that require guidance. Even as he loves all people that must be loved. He is about the strong that must rule. This strong and potential judges, he seeks to show HOW BEST TO RULE in maximum liberty possible.

He therefore seeks, distil to teach, to show the creation of “the privilege of liberty”. AND by which “method of rule” to best “make maximum liberty possible”.

Naturally. His philosophy is neither for the weak nor the periphery of the weak then. It is not a lower class philosophy. Or a middle class philosophy. BUT an upper class philosophy for the meritocratic individuals, assemblage, selection, available in a given location, region, geography, anywhere globally. At any period of human existence. BUT FIRST, FOR HIS PEOPLE. That now are in decline from the attained peak transcendence, civilization.

He does his work PUBLICLY. For whatever criticism there is. Which criticism [ peer review from comparative IQ that may grasp and contribute meaningfully and productively ] he welcomes, engages, and delights in.

The resultant work surviving criticism, for the intended audience that follow it all from the start to the end, or for the newcomer, is source of satisfaction pending possible strict constructions. And for use.

By doing so he is providing a complete, credible, tested, time – surviving leadership framework. Template for the aristocracy that must rule over ALL. And to rule ANY THAT REQUIRE LEADERSHIP, GUIDANCE, INSPIRATION, EMOTIONAL REWARD [ his words ]. Because this are weak, and must necessarily be ruled for the collective benefit of all. Else they over consume, overpopulate, and engage in reckless social experiments that weaken and bring us all to the brink of utter chaos, destruction, annihilation.

He says that any capable individual. Any aristocratic rule, could fall on this. And by it effectively, efficiently exploit the “boundaries” of [ his ] “power”. And obtain the reward, outcome, [ positive ] consequence. Of remaining eternally powerful.

[ In effect. He is in consonance with the Jesus philosophy. And not necessarily traditional Christian church teachings.

The explanation above, in my words, of a comment he made today in explaining his work to another that antagonised him, parallel the rendition of Revelation 20 – 22 of the Christian bible even when Curt isn’t working, using the bible.

Curt is right none the less. Given what empirical data there is, and looking at what is learnable from human history.

The saints with Jesus Christ in Revelation 20. That would and must rule, represent the meritocratic class. The saints with Christ who are to be married or be forever bonded to Christ, were to have qualified and reached the Jesus apotheosis also. They are to qualify by meritocratic standards. By character, to be the best humans harvestable [ many are called, few are chosen ] to RULE.

That aristocracy, would be millennia and then eternally relevant, glorious, and powerful according to the narratives of Revelation 20 to 22 ].

Curt’s aristocratic philosophy in other words, rhyme with the Jesus philosophy. Curt’s is by other methods: propertarianism, testimonialism.

And so science!

Curt seeks accuracy, truth, and completeness. And talk family to tribal = national love togetherness. That bond and engage others in mutually beneficial cooperation.

Or, the strict construction of any law, based on natural law. Jesus talked love, accuracy, truth, and perfection. Such is without doubt what men require for the maximisation of their individual and collective potentials. In productive, profitable, prosperous and sustainably peaceful co – existence.

How then can ANY not see the remarkable, fantastic, and yet achievable products, prognosis Curt crafts, posits, and GENEROUSLY would share with us by words on Facebook. And elsewhere for the utilisation by deserving sheriffs, prosecutors, rulers, judges?

And by extension, for the rule?

by Alexander Brown

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Launching the Propertarian Forum

On November 3rd, 2014, I, Butch Leghorn, created the WordPress blog for the Propertarian Forum. This blog is an attempt to understand Propertarianism as espoused by Curt Doolittle, to analyze this body of work, and to study the faction that is growing around Doolittle and Propertarianism. Doolittle’s approach is far-reaching and scientific. Understanding this work is very difficult due to its breadth and depth, requiring large amounts of background study.  The Forum is intended to be a centralized repository for study and analysis of Propertarianism, and is an attempt to create a meta analysis, to digest the provided information. It is intended as an open forum for those who are interested in Propertarianism and wish to discuss, criticize or contribute to the analysis of it.

As an open forum, readers are encouraged to contribute and interact. Use the Contact page if you wish to contribute to the project.

An opening salvo of analysis has begun on the Start Here page.