Religion: Masculine and Feminine

This is a very interesting theory that Curt conveyed on his Facebook page. I am not sure how he came to it.

wow…. (are you ready for this? I wasn’t.)

Islam is just a masculine reinterpretation of Judaism.

Exaggerate hostile feminine reproductive strategy, and you get Judaism
Exaggerate hostile masculine reproductive strategy, and you get Islam.

Judaism is the first feminism. No wonder the jews invented socialism feminism and postmodernism.

Germanic Christianity (Christian love) is just Mithraism — the cult of the initiatic brotherhood of soldiers. There wasn’t anything written so they took the narratives of the Babylonians and jews and cut out the Semitic, and incorporated the mithraic. The words meant nothing. But the rituals did. They created a feminine initiatic brotherhood of submission to mirror the masculine initiatic brotherhood of sovereignty.

That’s it. All our textual exegesis is just justification.

Humans are fascinating because we use all these words for negotiating and obfuscating and deceiving. But underneath it’s very, very, very, very simple expression of reproductive strategies. Our words are just the rustling leaves at the ends of our genetic trees.

Curt Doolittle